You probably hoped during your childhood that an owl would visit you one day, carrying a letter of admission to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While it’s difficult to gain admission now, you can still feel like a wizarding student with the Hogwarts clock! This eye-catching Windows gadget can magically sit anywhere on your desktop, ensuring that a quick glance is all you need to tell the time. Featuring a design inspired by the four houses in the magical school, this clock is sure to fit on any aspiring magician’s desktop. With a swish and flick, you can access the gadget’s settings menu, where you can assign it names, or give it a specific time zone. Whether it’s on #4 Privet Drive, or on Platform Nine and Three Quarters, the Hogwarts Clock is guaranteed to be on time!


Hogwarts Clock Hogwarts Clock settings

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