There are times when a subdued, relaxed design aesthetic really fits well. It’s usually a good choice to pick safe and toned down colors and styles. But sometimes, a bold look goes a long way, too. And if you match that bold look with great functionality? Well, you’ll get Undisputed VS 2 CPU Meter! This useful Windows gadget is designed to be placed anywhere within your desktop, and acts as a convenient CPU and RAM meter. With just one glance, figure out how much load your CPU has, and see your RAM status as well! Best of all, its neon design is sure to stand out on many desktop themes, making the Undisputed VS 2 CPU Meter indeed an undisputed part of your virtual life!


Undisputed VS 2 CPU Meter

Download “undisputed-vs-2-cpu-meter.7z” undisputed-vs-2-cpu-meter.7z – Downloaded 11661 times – 38 KB

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