While gaming can be just a simple hobby, it can also become a passion. Just like any other craft, sometimes, being serious about it can be a fulfilling endeavor. And when you’re a video game fan, it’s simpler than ever to express your devotion towards this digital pastime — and one of those ways is by downloading the Red Alienware Clock and CPU Meter! This is a convenient and stylish Windows gadget, designed to be placed wherever you want on your desktop. Its primary purpose is to provide a quick, painless way to find out your current CPU usage, and the current time. But its landmark feature is its striking aesthetic — red and black, inspired by the Alienware logo, this bold gadget is sure to set fire to any passionate video game enthusiast!


Red Alienware Clock and CPU Meter red alienware clock red alienware cpu meter

Download “red-alienware-clock-and-cpu-meter.zip” red-alienware-clock-and-cpu-meter.zip – Downloaded 3787 times – 179 kB

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