Looking for a refreshing mental exercise? Are number puzzles your thing? With Sudoku Puzzles, you won’t need to look away from your screen at all! This easily accessible Windows gadget gives you a standard-sized sudoku puzzle to solve. Always satisfy your number-matching craving whenever you’re at your desktop, because you can request as many new puzzles as you want. Need a hint? Sudoku Puzzles can give you one. Can’t really solve a particular combination? You can reveal the full solution as well. If you think you’ve nailed down a puzzle, this convenient gadget can check solutions, too. With Sudoku Puzzles, your dull desktop moments are solved.


Sudoku Puzzles Sudoku Puzzles Gadget

Download “sudoku-puzzles.7z” sudoku-puzzles.7z – Downloaded 315 times – 14 kB

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