Why is the sky blue? Science says it’s because of the atmosphere scattering sunlight, and our eyes having the affinity for the shade of blue. But this question holds deeper meaning: the color of the heavens has always fascinated humans for decades, and it’s always heralded the start of a new day, fresh and bright. While it’s difficult to capture that feeling, you’ll get pretty close by downloading Aero X Sky Clock and Calendar! This refreshingly colored Windows gadget is designed to be placed wherever you want on your desktop, and grants access to a handy virtual clock, and a convenient desk calendar. Flip open the calendar and look through past and future months as well. Best of all, Aero X Sky Clock and Calendar comes in a refreshing shade of light blue, so your day will surely be made with just one glance!


Aero X Sky Clock Aero X Sky Calendar Aero X Sky Clock And Calendar

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