The future is now. Just a decade ago, the concept of smartphones, smart homes, and an Internet-connected world seemed so foreign, and even ridiculous. Nowadays, these futuristic concepts are so commonplace, you’d wonder how we lived without it before. But feeling futuristic sometimes isn’t enough; look the part with the Blue and Red Bin! This is a modern, sleek Windows gadget, designed to be placed wherever you wish on your desktop. This gadget is a Recycle Bin replacement, making your virtual trash disposal more exciting and modern. It features a unique, charcoal black design with a polished sheen, perfect for modern and futuristic desktop themes. And of course, choose between a blue and red glow on its highlight for maximum compatibility with your themes! Blue and Red Bin is indeed the future!


Blue and Red Bin Blue and Red Bin Gadget blue and red bin widget

Download “blue-and-red-bin.7z” blue-and-red-bin.7z – Downloaded 4949 times – 84 KB

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