They say that there is beauty to chaos, that the unruly nature of the universe is the natural state of things, and that it’s useless to go against it. But if you believe that resisting chaos is a beautiful endeavor, and that being orderly has its merits — then download HDD Space! This convenient Windows gadget is designed to be placed anywhere on your desktop, and acts as a one-stop-shop for all your storage drives. With just one glance, and one click, you can view all the storage in your computer. Make it a truly personal experience by diving into the settings menu, and tweaking its look and feel. Access LAN and your Computer, too, all within this gizmo! With HDD Space, being organized is easier than ever!


HDD Space HDD Space gadget HDD Space settings

Download “hdd-space.7z” hdd-space.7z – Downloaded 9249 times – 375 KB

How to Install Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10