Need some advice in your life? Maybe you’re feeling particularly lucky today, and you want to confirm it? Do you want to get an answer to any question? Try out Magic 8-Ball and solve all of these! This convenient and fun Windows gadget can be placed anywhere on your desktop. All you have to do is ask a question! With just a simple click or tap, the Magic 8-Ball will reveal an answer for you. Depending on your question, the gadget might even give you a completely accurate response! If you’re looking for some quirky fun on your desktop, or if you need to try out your luck, Magic 8-Ball can be your reliable desktop companion.


Magic 8-Ball Magic 8-Ball gadget

Download “magic-8-ball.7z” magic-8-ball.7z – Downloaded 1598 times – 2 MB

How to Install Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10