Daily tasks don’t need to be a chore. It’s a great life hack to set up your daily routine to be as easy and smooth as possible. PC Control S.R.L.S. aims to do that for your computer life! This is a convenient Windows gadget, designed to be placed anywhere you wish on your desktop. Its quirky name represents its straightforward function — the gadget adds four buttons to your desktop: Shutdown, Restart, Lock, and Sleep. Put them together, and you get S.R.L.S.! This no-nonsense addition to your desktop means that you’ll be able to do these four common computer tasks with just a click. Regain your daily life with PC Control S.R.L.S. today!


PC Control S.R.L.S PC Control S.R.L.S settings

Download “pc-control-s-r-l-s.7z” pc-control-s-r-l-s.7z – Downloaded 2899 times – 93 KB

How to Install Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10