Need some order in your life? Do you long for a handy assistant to guide you through the day? Take charge of your schedule with Simple Date! This versatile Windows gadget is a no-nonsense calendar with a variety of customization options. Show the current date, with or without the current time. You can also display a monthly calendar view, if you prefer. Choose the font size, whether certain elements are disabled or enabled, what color theme the gadget will have — you’re in control! Displaying local weather is also a breeze for Simple Date. A convenient menu also lets you quickly access many Windows components, such as the Task Manager, or the option to restart or shut down. Your daily schedule will be put in order quickly, thanks to Simple Date!


Simple Date Simple Date gadget Simple Date widget Simple Date settings

Download “simple-date.7z” simple-date.7z – Downloaded 75989 times – 3 MB

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