Would you like your desktop to look classy and stylish? Do you want to embellish your screen with premium timepieces? Try out the SWATCH Evensun clock! This is a sophisticated Windows gadget, designed to be situated wherever you want on your desktop. While it tells the time just as well, its shining feature is its design — heavily inspired by the real life Swatch Evensun, this virtual version mimics its solar aesthetic just as well. with the added bonus of being downloadable! Add more functionality by giving it an easy-to-remember name, or assigning it a specific time zone. With the SWATCH Evensun clock, style and functionality go together on your desktop!


SWATCH Evensun SWATCH Evensun settings

Download “swatch-evensun.7z” swatch-evensun.7z – Downloaded 633 times – 75 KB

How to Install Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10