When you look up to the sky today, you’ll see a sea of blue on day, and an ocean of black at night. However, this was not always the case; long ago, before the advent of artificial lighting, the night sky was much more vivid, dotted with stars and constellations, capturing the imagination of people for millennia. While you can still go to rural areas to re-experience this, you don’t even need to gaze up with VX Astro W7! This imaginative Windows gadget is designed to be placed wherever you want on your desktop, and provides a quick, informative view of the current constellations visible on the night sky. Educate yourself with the star systems and have a meaningful break by downloading this gadget today!


VX Astro W7  VX Astro W7 settings

Download “vx-astro-w7.7z” vx-astro-w7.7z – Downloaded 3094 times – 157 KB

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